The camp is no longer accepting nominations for 2020.

The AAUW is sponsoring two Tech Trek camps this year in June of 2020. The dates are as follows: Stetson University is the week of June 14th to June 20th and FAU Jupiter is the week of June 21st to June 27th.

The girls will be able to choose which camp they are interested in attending when they apply.

Instructions for nominating girls for the AAUW Tech Trek Florida camp for 2020:

Please fill out the nomination form for each of the girls you are nominating. Fill out the school data form also. If there is already one from last year, please send me the school contact name for this year. You can email this to me  at

  • Nominees must be currently in seventh grade
  • There may be no more than 5 nominees per school. If multiple teachers at a school participate in the nomination process, all teachers should agree upon the 5 students nominated
  • Fill out the school data form
  • Fill out a nomination form for each nominee (limited to 5). See qualities below for a Tech Trek camper

Use as much space as needed on the nomination form. The more information provided the better we are able to evaluate each candidate

The AAUW National Tech Trek Program seeks to be diverse and inclusive in its outreach. It is a priority that girls are selected who may not have exposure to inspiring STEM programs. Please take this into account when nominating a girl what you know about her and whether she would truly benefit from this experience  

Qualities of a Tech Trek camper:

  • Excited by math and science disciplines with the potential to excel
  • Currently in seventh grade
  • Have at least a “B” average
  • Demonstrates a need for exposure to STEM opportunities and has yet to participate in a week-long STEM camp experience
  • Demonstrates maturity when interacting with peers
  • Ability to adapt to new situations, shows interest in learning new things, especially in math and science
  • Follows directions well and shows patience and persistence in task completion
  • Works well in group situations and is willing to help all levels of students in the class
  • Cooperates with teachers, shows respect for other students and regularly participates in class discussions
  • Demonstrates responsibility, exhibits self-control and has no serious discipline issues
  • Makes positive choices for herself, in and out of class
  • Willing to try a challenging task, and complete it